Concept and Purpose

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We want to make "independent walking" a reality.

The number of people who need assistance in their daily lives due to aging, illness, accidents, etc. is increasing worldwide. Both the disabled and their caregivers suffer mental, physical, and economic burdens. Yet it is difficult to invest in the development of robots in the welfare field because the market is not large enough.

Today’s social structure makes it difficult to match supply and demand for new options to expand the scope of the lives of paraplegic people. Due to the development of public infrastructure and the promotion of barrier-free environments, people with disabilities can now go initiative their daily lives on their own, as long as they have a wheelchair. But outside of these environments, their activities are still restricted. For example, when visiting a friend's house, if the house is not barrier-free, it can be a hindrance. There are means of transportation such as wheelchairs, assistance from other people, and assistive devices to help them walk, but it is a fact that many people prefer to stand and walk by themselves.

Regardless of the environment, we believe that robots that help people walk independently will allow them more freedom to enjoy their daily lives in their own way.

Hence the establishment of the "Living Assistance Robot Award". Its aim is to allow wheelchair users to walk independently using their remaining functions. Our goal is to make such innovative assistive robots widely used globally. To this end, we have established the "Living Assistance Robot Award" to support researchers and developers around the world.