Global Innovation Challenge 2023

The purpose of this contest is to support researchers and developers from around the world in their efforts to develop innovative tools that will enable wheelchair-bound people with lower limb paralysis or other disabilities to walk independently, using their remaining functions, without the assistance of caregivers.


  • Application guidelines released: March 31, 2022
  • Entry sheet published: June 1, 2022
  • Entry period: September 1, 2022 - February 28, 2023
  • Notification of application screening results: Early April
  • Demonstration period: June 24,2023

Participating Teams

Three teams entered the documentary selection process.
Team WPAL was selected for three assignments.

teams that pass the document screening.


Challenging Tasks

Task2 Preparation
Task3 Meal
Task4 Laundry

Contest Venue

GIC Tsukuba Innovation Center
877 Nakasugama, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 300-4242, Japan

Contest Field

Contest field that resembles a house.

General Photo


Introducing The Contest Field

Application Guidelines


In this contest, seven tasks will be set. For each task, we have set the actions to be performed. The criteria of achievement is that the pilot should be able to complete the task without any accidents using the robot within the time limit set for each task. (For more details, please refer to the Application Guidelines.)

Task Group 1
  • Task 1

    The Task is to move to the toilet and use it

    Time limit: 8 minutes

  • Task 2

    The Task is to wash face in the bathroom.

    Time limit: 6 minutes

  • Task 3

    The Task is to place a prepared meal on the table and sit down to eat

    Time limit: 9 minutes

Task Group 2
  • Task 4

    The Task is to wash laundry, and take laundry from the line, fold clothes and put them into the wardrobe

    Time limit: 10 minutes

  • Task 5
    "Package Receiving"

    The Task is to receive a delivered package, unwrap it and place the contents in the refrigerator

    Time limit: 8 minutes

  • Task6

    The Task is to clean the inside of the house with a vacuum cleaner and take the trash bags out of the house

    Time limit: 11 minutes

Task Group 3
  • Task 7

    The Task is take a bath and change clothes

    Time limit: 16 minutes


Each task / task group accomplished / all tasks accomplished
Total prize money 1,000,000USD

Judge's Special Prize
Total prize money 10,000USD

(For details, please refer to the application guidelines)

Executive Committee Chairman Message Video


  • Team WPAL

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
      Not accomp.
    • Task 4
      Not accomp.
    • Task 5
    • Task 6
    • Task 7


Can I borrow a vest for use with device which eases the shock of falling?
Yes, they are available for rent.Please return in about one month due to limited stock.
Can I receive the full prize money for the completed tasks?
If there are multiple teams that have completed the task, the prize money will be divided among the teams.
Can I use a wall or pillar for balance during the task?
The use of walls or pillars for balance is prohibited.
Do I have to open and close the door every time during the task?
There is no problem if everything is closed at the end of the task, except for the toilet and bathroom. Please close the toilet and bathroom door at all times.
Can the pilot keep his shoes on before starting the task?
If shoes are need to wear the robot, they are considered part of the robot and must be removed at the start.
Can I hang clothes or other items on the walker when I am not walking?
The use of walkers is prohibited for purposes other than assisting walking.
Can I get the prize money if I complete the previously completed task again?
Yes, this contest will reset your previous winnings. If your team completes the task, the prize will be awarded.
Is task 7 done using a bathtub without water?
Task 7 uses no water with the pilot wearing the robot. So the pilot never gets wet.


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