The award is given to organizations that have developed robots that support the autonomous walking of the physically challenged in various aspects of daily life.

Promotion Movie

Criterion for Selection

Seven situations from daily life were set up. For each situation, the Organizer will judge whether the robot can achieve independent walking movements.
(For details, please refer to the application guidelines)


Each task / task group accomplished / all tasks accomplished

Total prize money
(For details, please refer to the application guidelines)


  • Entry: September 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021
  • Selection results will be announced on Mid-July, 2021
  • Award Ceremony and Demonstration: September 12, 2021 (at GIC Tsukuba Innovation Center)

※If you would like to observe the awards ceremony and demonstration, please submit an entry form around March 2021.
It will be open to the public, so please enter from there.
※All schedules in this document are based on Japan Standard Time (JST, UTC+9).

Application Guidelines

Selection and Judging Guidelines


  • Before the entry
  • About the Entry Form
  • After the entry
What kind of robots can enter for this Award?
This Award is aimed at robots that support independent walking for people with lower limb paralysis (paraplegics). For example, there are wearable robots.
Can wheelchair robots enter for this Award?
No. Wheelchair robots are not eligible for this Award because people with paralyzed lower limbs (paraplegics) can move with them but cannot walk independently.
What are the criteria for spinal cord injuries in people with lower limb paralysis (paraplegic) who are eligible for this Award?
The Organiser recognises persons with lower limb paralysis (paraplegics) corresponding to AIS or Frankel Classification A to B as eligible for this Award. The site of spinal cord injury is not a criterion for participation in this Award.
We would like to enter the Award, but we are worried about the cost of doing so.
There is no charge for entry to this Award. Any costs incurred by the team during the selection process, from entry to the Award Ceremony, will be borne by the Organiser, to a reasonable extent, upon prior consultation with the team.
Can the pilot use a walker or crutches at the same time as the robot?
Yes, they can be used as a walking aid. You can use it as a walking aid as long as you are not completely dependent on a walker or crutches to walk.


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